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Bool Studios is your go to development company for a wide range of software applications. We can provide virtual reality games, mobile applications and more! Together with our partners we can develop any software you want! 

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Besides developing applications for our customers Bool Studio is also developing its own product in collaboration with Wolfs Interactive! Togeter we are developing a virtual reality driving simulator so we can make the roads a safer place! 

Virtual Reality

Bool Studios specialises in virtual reality trainings simulations!

App Development

We can develop high quality mobile applications for Android and IOS!

Web Development

Together with our partner Wolfs Interactive we can create the website of your dreams!

Driving simulator


Proof of Concept

See the video below for an impressoin of the very first proof of concept for DRIVR.

Daily Driving

Using DRIVR you can drive around in a virtual environment and experience daily driving situations in a controlled environment.

Driving Training

DRIVR will come with extensions so drivers can be trained on specific driving situations.

Driving Anxiety

DRIVR will come with an extensions so people with driving anxiety can overcome their fear in a safe and controlled environment using virtual reality exposure therapy.


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